Recovery Capital Summit Speakers


Recovery Oriented Systems of Care that Build Recovery Capital to overcome addiction and foster mental wellness

Keynote Speakers

Hon. Mike Ellis – Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions – Recovery Oriented Systems of Care that Build Recovery Capital

Dr. David Best – Ink Spots and Ice Cream: A framework and method for building Recovery Capital

Taatsiikiipoyii, Charles Weasel Head – Kottakinoona AwaahkapiiyaawaBringing the Spirits Home” – through Siksikaitsititapiiyssini: Blackfoot Ways of Knowing: A Framework for Reconnection

Nancy Mannix – How to Build A Brain

Dr. John Kelly – the New Science of Recovery

Michael Shellenberger – The Heroism of Recovery

David Pavlus – Developing a Recovery Community

Jessica Cooksey – Clinical Practice My Recovery Plan

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care Speakers

Breakout Sessions

Police Chiefs Mark Neufeld, Dale McFee, Michael Worden, and Dean Lagrange – Recovery Oriented Policing

Geri Bemister, Jordan Bareshinbone, and Earl Thiessen – Healing: Recovery and indigenous people

Avis O’Brien – Healing through Breath, Land & Culture, Indigenous Speaker

Dr. Ray Baker – Recovery Coaches: Connecting with People, Treatment and Community

Ann Dowsett Johnston – Women and Alcohol: Epidemic in a Pandemic

Harman Batth, Ganesh Alagh, and Robby Sidhu – Ethnicity and Recovery – Recovering Through Diversity

Linda Lane Devlin – Recovery Oriented Systems of Care to include family

Wendy Arnold, Jill Klemick, Neetu Sidhu and Jen Zurfluh – Family: A Recovery Journey

Recovery Oriented Corrections

Dr. Nathaniel Day – Building Bridges not Road Blocks, Alberta’s Virtual Opioid Dependency Program

Dr. Meldon Kahan, Dr. Launette Rieb, and Dr. Rob Tanguay – Evidenced Based Medications in a Recovery Oriented System of Care

Steve Gaspar – Recovery Coaches of Alberta

Rick Armstrong, Damyan Davis, and Ryan Oscar – Our Collective Journey, Where Lived Experience Meets Clinical Support

Dr. David Best, Paul Sibley, and Jordan Bowman – Recovery Management and Assessing Recovery Capital

Vanisha Breault – Become an Iron Giant; Tackling Addiction using Endurance Sport

Dr. Keith Humphreys – Addiction-focused mutual help groups and the professional health care system

Occupational Health and Safety, ROSC in the Workplace

Dr. Johanna O’Flaherty – Frontline Workers and Trauma

Dr. Robert L. Tanguay, Colonel (Retired) Dr. Rakesh Jetly – Intensive Outpatient Addiction Programs: The future of recovery?

Dr. Carson McPherson, Dr. Paul Sobey, Eileen Maloney-White and Darren Erickson

Dr. Jeremy Beach and Dr. Charl Els – Healthcare Under the Influence

Recovery and Youth Speakers

Dr. Emily Hennessy – Building Recovery Capital by Engaging Families and Youth in Community Services

Dr. Páll Melsted Ríkharðsson – The Icelandic Prevention Model and the Planet Youth guidance program

Rand Teed – Adventures in The Teenage Brain: Drug use and Recovery and adolescent brain development

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