Join us in 2024 for the National Recovery Capital Conference taking place on April 3rd and 4th in Calgary Alberta

Nearly 2,000 healthcare professionals attended the 8th Annual Recovery Capital Conference in Calgary on April 12th and 13th 2024 – thank you! in

We are extremely grateful to all who have registered for this year’s conference.

Next Conferences come to New Westminster, Regina, and possibly Toronto.

Stay Tuned!

Alberta model


This is a national call out to come and learn about the #AlbertaModel, ROSC, and how building #RecoveryCapital is at the root of – healthy communities, better health outcomes, saving money, and saving lives.

Government, Policy Makers, First Responders, Front Line Workers, Medical Experts, People with Lived and Living Experience, Occupational Health Leaders, and Indigenous Health Leaders will be there, this will be the must-attend event in 2024.

Canada’s Recovery Capital Conference will provide education on shifting to a Recovery Oriented System of Care in Canada to overcome addiction.

Who Should Register?

Physicians, Occupational Health Leaders, Human Resources Managers, Health Care Policy Makers, Therapists, Psychiatrists, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Interventionists, Residential Treatment Centre Management and Clinical Teams, Students, Union Leaders, Community Leaders, Disability Management Coordinators, Professional Regulatory Bodies, Insurance Carriers, Labour Relations Specialists, Employee Assistance Program providers, Labour Lawyers, Safety Committee Members, Union Representatives, Nurses, RNs, Social Workers, people with lived and living experience and families.

What People are saying about past Recovery Captial Conferences

“This is an exciting area of Addiction Medicine”

“The venue was perfect because even though we were indoors all day you didn’t feel like you hadn’t seen the outside”

“The conference was amazing and the only feedback I have is for the people who didn’t come and didn’t come on purpose. We all need to open our minds and collaborate on fighting addiction and mental health. Only then came true progress be made”

“Amazing networking that was happening, conversations so passionate and important they could not be at the session on time! I also loved that although the event was sponsored by private industry the speakers did not hold back their perspectives on the same. This was also profound. This conference was amazing and I think this focus on recovery capital is the sea change or paradigm shift our system needs”

Overdose Prevention and Recovery Support Tools 

Are you a person who has a relationship with substance use? Are you connected with or do you currently use substances? Do you identify as in recovery? 

Use these; share these: