Adventures in The Teenage Brain – Drug Use and Recovery and the Adolescent Brain Development

Rand Teed

April 12th 2022 1:30 pm Stephen Room

Session Description

This presentation will look at the impact of cannabis use on the developing brain. In particular how it impacts stress management capacity as well as self-assessment and self-esteem. The presentation will look at myths and misinformation around cannabis use and how to help teens better assess their approach to this drug.

Learning objectives

  • Understand how cannabis impacts two important developmental processes; myelination and pruning.
  • Understand how to better discuss and educate teens about cannabis use.
  • Understand how to assess adolescent cannabis use disorder.
  • Helping teens understand recovery and self care options.



Rand has been working with teens and adults for over 40 years and for the past 20 years has been helping them understand how substance use can get in the way of having the life they want.
B.A, a B.Ed and is an Internationally Certified Prevention Specialist and a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor
He is the developer of the Drug Class program which has been offered in many Regina High Schools for several years and is the writer and host of the Award Winning Drug Class TV Series.(Gemini Award Best Direction in A Youth Series 2008)

Rand is also a very experienced addiction counselor. He has also worked as a counselor in the Regina Detox Centre.
Is a regular presenter on Recovery across the country and was the featured speaker for SADD Saskatchewan’s 2010 provincial Impaired Driving Awareness Campaign.
Regularly presents on dealing with Substance Use and Abuse. Has been an instructor and coordinator with SGI’s Driving Without Impairment Program.