Meet the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions

Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions

We are pleased to announce that Minister Judy Darcy will address the delegates during the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada.  Minister Darcy will participate as a speaker, and as a a stakeholder, during a discussions meeting with Dr. João Goulão, Director-General of The General-Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies (SICAD) in Lisbon, Portugal, and other health care leaders.

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Keynote Speakers include:

Dr. João Goulão, Portugal
The Portuguese Experience

Dr. Neil McKeganey, Scotland
Drugs: Breaking the Cycle

Dr. John Kelly
Harvard Addiction Recovery Management

Dr. Claudia Black
Addiction and Trauma: Strengthening Young Adult Recovery

Dr. Patrick Carnes
Addiction and Sex 4.0