From Now What to What’s Next?

From Now What to What’s Next? A Personal View from Two Decades in the Trenches of Recovery Advocacy

Ever since he stood up and spoke out for the first time in public, Willliam C. Moyers has carried the message about the power of addiction and the promise and possibility of recovery to audiences across the United States. As the vice president of public affairs at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Moyers has dedicated his life to moving people, perceptions and policies away from a focus on the problem to a solution grounded in health care. Moyers’ presentation is a call to action for everyone motivated to help people overcome substance use disorders. And for the first time in his 21-year career at Hazelden Betty Ford, Moyers brings his message to Canada.

The participant will:
a) Understand and appreciate the history of addiction recovery advocacy and how public perception and public policy changed to improve access to professional care since the 1990s.
b) Gain knowledge about the key issues in the field today, from legalization of marijuana to the opiate epidemic to defining treatment outcomes and defining recovery.
c) Learn how to do your part to further reduce stigma about addiction and mental illness.