My Recovery Plan

In 2020 the Recovery Capital Conference will launch Canada’s first Recovery Capital Assessment and Recovery Planning Toolkit which includes free to use assessment tools and treatment provider EHR

Mentor clients. Monitor progress. Measure outcomes. List your services for others to find support.

Recovery Capital Assessment Toolkit for people in recovery, people who use drugs, family members of people who use drugs, and clinicians with patients with substance use disorder.

Launching September 4th 2020

COMING SOON – MY RECOVERY PLAN – On September 4th 2020 We will be launching Canada’s Free Recovery Capital Assessment and Recovery Management Tool-kit.  This Tool-kit utilizes free validated evidence -based assessment and recovery management tools to help Canadians with ADDICTION have better health outcomes. My Recovery Plan will also include an Electronic Health Record Software for healthcare professionals and treatment providers.

What is Recovery Capital?

“The breadth and depth of internal and external resources that can be drawn upon to initiate and sustain recovery from alcohol and other drug problems”. – Cloud and Granfield 2004

For Treatment Providers and Support Recovery Residences

My Recovery Plan software provides electronic health recording software to measure, mentor, build, plan and review a person’s Recovery Capital and Recovery Plan.  People who build Recovery Capital have better health outcomes. Request a demo.


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Measure your Recovery Capital, see where your strengths are !

Whole Person Recovery

A user-centred system’s approach to problem drug use. Europe has been building recovery capital for decades to solve their addiction crisis, be part of Canada’s Building Recovery Capital Conference.

A simple tool for measuring recovery gains and resilience at the individual and aggregate levels.

Create informed and effective recovery care plans based on cutting edge recovery research.

Manage your entire platform, from individualized care to accounting and contract reporting.

Each component of My Recovery Plan is built on research and best practices developed by the academic community over the last 50 years.

How’s your Recovery Capital?

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