Leadership In Recovery

Marshall Smith, Chief of Staff to the Premier of Alberta. Tom Coderre, Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary SAMHSA

April 3rd, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Main Exhibition Hall – TELUS Convention Centre Calgary

About this Session – Leadership In Recovery

Canada’s largest addiction recovery healthcare conference will host a talk about leadership in transforming complex healthcare systems. Marshall Smith and Tom Coderre  will focus on two key learning objectives. Firstly, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the essential qualities and skills required for effective leadership in the context of addiction recovery and healthcare systems. This will include exploring strategies for navigating the complexities of healthcare systems, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and advocating for policy changes that support recovery-oriented care. Secondly, attendees will learn practical techniques for implementing and sustaining transformative changes within healthcare systems to better support individuals in their recovery journey. This will involve discussing innovative approaches, such as integrated care models, peer support programs, and the use of technology, to improve access, quality, and outcomes in addiction recovery services.

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