Exhibit and Sponsor

Reach over 5,000 Conference Attendees

Connect with over 5,000 addiction health care workers, employers, unions, EAPs, physicians and the general public over a month long Building Recovery Capital initiative across Canada in SIX cities as an EXHIBITOR and SPONSOR

Keynote speakers include

  • Dr. Gabor Maté
  • Johann Hari
  • David Sheff, Author of Beautiful Boy
  • Steven Page, Co Founder of the Bare Naked Ladies
  • Plus discussions with Portugal and Iceland drug policy leaders
  • Lived and Living Experience
  • Continuing Education

Key workshops

  • Building Recovery Capital in Healthcare
  • Building Recovery Capital in the Workplace
  • Building recovery Capital in Community

30 plus events in  SIX cities

Value added options – Reach over 30,000

  • We’re are collaborating with Recovery Day events across the country
  • Call for more details

Please call 1-888-525-9771 to reserve your exhibitor booth and ask about our branding placement opportunities today. 

Our national marketing campaign and registration starts mid March 2019. 

2018 Conference Delegate Breakdown




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