The Alberta Model – The Relentless Pursuit of a Recovery-Oriented System of Care

April 3rd Morning Keynote – Dr. Nathaniel Day

Main Exhibition Hall – TELUS Convention Centre Calgary

Session Title – The Alberta Model – The Relentless Pursuit of a Recovery-Oriented System of Care

About the Session

Alberta is leading the real-world application of an accessible and effective Recovery Oriented System of Care. This system must meet people where they are and provide them with clear, personally relevant evidence-informed pathways toward their recovery goals. The system of care must also adapt and work with that person, in a tailored way, to ensure that the appropriate supports are in place when they are needed.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn about evidence that exists and gaps that need addressing.

Participants will understand the current recovery-oriented landscape.

Participants will have a better understanding of where the Alberta recovery-oriented system of care is headed.


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Dr. Nathaniel Day is the Medical Director of Addiction for Alberta Health Services. He developed the virtual opioid dependency program and collaborated on the asynchronous telehealth development in provincial corrections. Dr. Day served as a member of the Minister’s Opioid Emergency Response Commission and as Co-Chair of the Recovery Expert Advisory Panel.

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