Opening Ceremonies

Recovery Capital Conference

April 3rd and 4th 2024

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Welcome to the Conference Opening at 9 am on April 3rd with Cheif Wilton Littlechild

Opening Performance

Recovery Capital for Indigenous peoples is rooted in ceremony, pow wow, and other Indigenous cultural practices. 

For our whole lives, we’ve all been practicing staying close to our ancestors through dance. This is one of the forms we all continue to practice and work on in order to keep our recovery Capital close. 

The opening performance will include the following dance styles by:

Men’s Chicken  – Sheldon Scalplock

Men’s Fancy War Dance – Kyle Young Pine

Men’s Traditional – Albert Goulet

Men’s Grass – Phoenix Young Pine & Terrance Goodwill

Women’s Fancy Shawl – Tessia First Rider

Women’s Traditional – Sikapinakii Low Horn

Women’s Jingle Dress Dance – Mista Muskwa

Alberta model