Building Recovery-Oriented Provinces

April 4th, 2024 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Main Exhibition Hall – TELUS Convention Centre Calgary

About this Session – Building Recovery-Oriented Provinces

A panel of three Ministers of Mental Health and Addiction will talk on “Building Recovery-Oriented Provinces in Canada” to support mental health wellness and recovery from addiction.  The three ministers will focus on two key working objectives. Firstly, they will explore the necessary steps and strategies for creating recovery-oriented systems of care at the provincial level. This will involve discussing policy changes, resource allocation, and the integration of evidence-based practices to ensure that individuals with mental health and addiction issues have access to comprehensive and person-centered support services. Secondly, the ministers will highlight the importance of collaboration and partnership between government agencies, community organizations, and individuals with lived experience in driving the recovery movement forward. They will share examples of successful initiatives and programs that have been implemented in different provinces and discuss the lessons learned and best practices for replicating and scaling these efforts across the country.

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