A FASD Informed Approach for Addiction Treatment and Recovery.

April 4th, 2024

11 am to 12:30 pm

Glen 209 – TELUS Convention Centre Calgary

About this session 

The session will provide an exploration of research, promising practices, and resources for FASD Informed Care, addiction treatment and recovery. The session will be grounded in Aventa’s approach to FASD prevention via compassionate and non-judgmental interventions with pregnant women, and women who may become pregnant, and FASD Informed strategies for working with women, with FASD or suspected of having FASD, within an addiction treatment setting. The content will cover approaches to help Clients build Recovery Capital with a FASD Informed Lens. An overview of continuing education and resources related to FASD Informed Care will also be provided.

Learning Objectives

Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).Prevalence and impact of FASD among persons accessing addiction treatment and in recovery.Strategies to support and build Recovery Capital with pregnant women and women with FASD seeking addiction treatment.Case Study on implementing FASD Informed Care and stories of women in recovery.Aventa’s FASD Informed addiction treatment programming and outcomes.Resources to support the development of FASD and Trauma Informed Practice.


CanFASD. (2022). Moving Towards FASD Informed Care in Substance Use Treatment – https://canfasd.ca/wp-content/uploads/publications/Moving-Towards-FASD-Informed-Care-in-Substance-Use-Treatment.pdf

Gelb, K. & Rutman, D. (2011). Substance Using Women with FASD and FASD Prevention: A Literature Review on Promising Approaches in Substance Use Treatment and Care for Women with FASD. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria.


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