Welcome to Alberta’s 1st Recovery Community: Clinical relevance, accessibility, and measurement-based care

Dr. Christina Basedow, RCC, CSAT, CMAT

Day 1 – 11:00 am to 12:30 pm Bannerman Walker Room

Recovery communities (RCs), also known as therapeutic communities, are a type of long-term residential treatment for addiction that emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach. RC’s aim is to treat the affected individual as a whole while examining the underlying mechanisms and individual causes of addiction. Further, RCs focus on creating positive lifestyle changes and bolstering recovery capital in order to facilitate sustained recovery. RCs are rooted in evidence-based practices and rely on measurement-based care to guide treatment. RCs draw upon the resilience of communities to not only enable recovery but also improvements in overall well-being and functioning. Moreover, RCs aim to promote recovery by establishing a shared vision and commitment to recovery over the long term.
This session will delve more deeply into the clinical relevance of treatment in RCs in general. Strategies to increase treatment accessibility and recovery capital will be discussed. Specifically, the admission process into Alberta’s inaugural therapeutic community, the Red Deer Recovery Community by EHN Canada, will be explained to facilitate access to these treatment spaces, which are fully funded by the Alberta Government. Finally, research findings on the clinical outcomes of over 700 former inpatients will be presented along with perceived barriers to measurement-based care and how they can be addressed.

The following presentation will address:

  • The importance and clinical relevance of treatment in Recovery/Therapeutic Communities
    • Treating underlying causes and setting up residents with extensive recovery capital through long-term treatment 
    • Getting to the root of trauma and truly addressing issues
    • Using evidence-based practices, and research measures, to show the efficacy of treatment 
  • Alberta Recovers
    • Why this model is so relevant for Canada and how private and public healthcare can work together
  • Making treatment accessible 
  • Presentation of research findings from 700+ patients over the past three years on their recovery journey; what works, what clinicians find most relevant, and what we need to do better.

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