Employees with addiction need help

Substance abuse cost the Canadian economy about $40-billion in lost productivity as far back as 2002  (the latest statistics available), according to a 2006 report published by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.

The Recovery Capital Conference is offering a workshop called Recovery in the Workplace.

Register today for the two day conference, a must attend event for anyone who manages employees.

according to the Globe and Mail

Companies are being urged to create or update their drug and alcohol policies in light of the growing use of pot for medical purposes and the pending legalization of marijuana in Canada.  Employers need to be strict with their policies, but also compassionate when dealing with employees, which includes accommodating any medical issues or addictions.


Dr. Ray Baker BIO

Associate Clinical Professor, UBC.
Consultant Occupational Addiction Medicine.
National Recovery Advisory Committee – CCSA.

Recovery Oriented Workplace

Alcohol and Drug Policies, Accommodating the addicted/ recovering worker

Dr. Paul Sobey BIO

President of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine.  Lead physician and an Addiction Medicine Consultant for the Royal Columbian Hospital.

Medicated Assisted Recovery and the Workplace

Issues of prescribed impairing substances, opioids, cannabinoids, long term recovery and opioids in the workplace.

Dr. Paul Farnan BIO

Associate Clinical Professor UBC.
Past Executive Director Physician Health Program of BC.  Consultant Occupational Addiction Medicine.

Occupations Addiction Medicine Overview

Contingency management, medical monitoring and safe return to work., Diagnosis and recovery oriented treatment planning

Dr. William Lakey, Workplace Health and Safety, BC

Recovery though an Occupations Health Lens

Dr. William Lakey is an established and engaging leader in occupational health with the BC Public Service Agency. His leadership and vision have established the BC Public Service as a leader in the field, outperforming other jurisdictions across Canada in occupational health and disability management.

John Beckett

Vice-president with the BC Maritime Employers Association,  Chair, Board of Directors, Public Interest WorkSafeBC

Addiction & Recovery in the Workplace as an Employer HR/Safety Leader.


Rebecca Gowan   BIOSenior Policy Advisor, Human Rights Promotion Branch, Canadian Human Rights Commission

Human Rights, Substance Dependence, and Workplace Accommodation

A human rights perspective on substance dependence in the workplace, and an overview of the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s new guidelines

Neil Menard

Mayor of Merrit, IWA past Vice President

Panel Moderator, A Union Perspective,  how an effective jointly run, recovery oriented EFAP can function