Dr. Jane Witbrodt

Dr. Witbrodt has a psychology and public health background. She has had two main career paths. The first was in alcohol and drug treatment where she worked directly with adolescent and adult clients in residential programs and, as well, as the director of an outpatient program that provided a continuum of specialty services to individuals of all ages and with varying degrees of problem severity. Building on her experiential knowledge with persons in treatment, she then moved to alcohol and drug research. She has worked for more than 15 years on research projects related to helping people overcome problems related to their alcohol and drug use. These projects have been funded primarily through the National Institutes of Health. Her PhD thesis focused on help-seeking and studied treated and untreated problem and dependent drinkers from the US and Sweden. The main motivation was to understand better, “Who seeks help?” and “Who benefits?” She has published study findings in leading peer-reviewed journals.