Recovery Capital Conference of Canada

Building Recovery Capital in Canada 2019, Canada’s largest addiction and mental health recovery campaign.

Building on our Strengths 

The Recovery Capital Conference of Canada SOLD OUT in 2017 and 2018  — while Recovery Day BC hosted record crowds of 20,000 people. 

The advisory committee is collaborating with communities across Canada and responding to the enthusiastic response of past Recovery Capital Conferences and Recovery Days.

The Recovery Capital Conference will be supporting Recovery Weeks across the country during the month of September 2019.

Building Recovery Capital in 2019  engages people to gain a better understanding of Recovery Capital and how to foster it in their workplaces and communities through Recovery Days and the Recovery Capital Conferences. 

This year the committee is hosting a National Campaign in September called “Building Recovery Capital In Canada”  Delegates and the General Public will walk way from this campaign learning the benefits of evidence based Recovery Capital Assessment Took Kits.  Stay tuned for more info.

Healthcare professionals, people in recovery, people who use substances, the general public, unions, occupational health leaders and families will be engaged in this campaign.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS NOW OPEN (click here to submit)

Save these 2019 dates: “Recovery Week”  events across Canada

New Westminster, British Columbia

  • Recovery Capital Conference of Canada – September 5th and 6th
  • Recovery Day BC – September 7th

Calgary, Alberta 

  • Recovery Capital Conference Alberta- September 11th
  • Recovery Day Calgary- September 8th

Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Recovery Capital Conference Manitoba – September 13th
  • Recovery Day Winnipeg- September 13th

Regina, Saskatchewan

  • Recovery Capital Conference Saskatchewan – September 20th
  • Recovery Day Regina Luncheon – September 20th

Halifax Nova Scotia

  • Recovery Capital Conference Halifax – September 24th

Toronto, Ontario

  • Recovery Capital Conference Toronto – September 26th and 27th

What is Recovery Capital? 

Recovery Capital is a focus on the development of social capital (healthy and stable relationships), material capital (finances and accommodation), human capital (mental and physical health, skills, and employment) and cultural capital (values, beliefs, and attitudes).

Let’s help build individuals, workplaces and communities recovery capital so together we can overcome addiction and mental health issues.

To learn more about Recovery Capital, please visit this link:  

What people are saying about last year’s Conference

“This is an exciting area of Addiction Medicine”

“The venue was perfect because even though we were indoors all day you didn’t feel like you hadn’t seen the outside”

“The conference was amazing and the only feedback I have is for the people who didn’t come and didn’t come on purpose. We all need to open our minds and collaborate on fighting addiction and mental health. Only then came true progress be made”

“Amazing networking that was happening, conversations so passionate and important they could not be at the session on time! I also loved that although the event was sponsored by private industry the speakers did not hold back their perspectives on same. This was also profound. This conference was amazing and I think this focus on recovery capital is the sea change or paradigm shift our system needs”

About the Conference

There are many conferences about addiction,  this conference focuses on evidence-based addiction recovery solutions. Leading the change in care for mental health and addiction, the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada will feature leading international researchers, clinicians, and policymakers. 

Who Should Register?

Physicians, Occupational Health Leaders, Human Resources Managers, Health Care Policy Makers, Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Interventionists, Residential Treatment Centre Management and Clinical Teams, Students, Union Leaders, Community Leaders, Disability Management Coordinators, Professional Regulatory Bodies, Insurance Carriers, Labour Relations Specialists, Employee Assistance Program providers, Labour Lawyers, Safety Committee Members, Union Representatives, Nurses, RNs and Social Workers.

Continuing Educations Units

Approved for CE Units

The Conference Registration Packages include attendance, Continuing Education Credits and provide opportunities to create localized strategies on how to build Recovery Capital.

Details on CEUs for 2019, to follow.





Recovery Capital Conference Registration

The Recovery Capital Conference of Canada registration will open in March of 2019 stay tuned.



For information on exhibiting, or sponsoring the conference, please send an e-mail to